For a royally good shave


Shaving Cream

For a royally good shave

A nourishing shaving cream to help you look extra smooth, and smell even better. We’ve used astringent witch hazel extract to constrict the pores, which lifts the hair ready for a close shave. To help protect your skin from the blade, we’ve added linseed mucilage, and calmed the skin down with rose water. The refreshing fragrance is made with a blend of neroli and orange blossom combined with citrus oils of sweet orange and mandarin.


About 1 year ago

This is a terrific product. It's a non-lather shaving cream, so you just need to apply a coating to your wet face by hand and then shave in the usual fashion. I find the scent to be quite subtle but definitely pleasant and not at all overpowering. Following shaving the product has an ingredient that coats your face, presumably to...

26 Ingredients
Astringent and cleansing
Protecting, hydrating and soothing
Cleansing and moisturising
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About 3 years ago

Honestly my ex got this for me and I thought it was just an unnecessary indulgence, but since it was free and there I just started using it with my usual shaving routine. That was a mistake. It smells and feels so good that I can't shave without it now. This is your only warning. If you buy this product, expect to be buying it for the next couple years.
(Buy it for your enemies to poke a hole in their pockets.)

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[email protected]_2

About 1 year ago

Well wow, what can I say. This is amazing, 10/10. Now if I give you the context you'll really understand. So when I was in my teenage years, I began gaining hair on my upper lip in addition to the usual places. Stressed and feeling unfeminized, my teenage years were not as anyone would want as I struggled with teasing about the unusual amount of hair growing on my upper lip! I tried to shave but struggled with razor rash, as one does when shaving sensitive areas... Until I found this! This lifesaver has really helped me have no razor rash and a miracle of no hair! Thank you, Lush!


2 months ago


About 2 months ago

I can not believe I wasted money on this. I bought this to use on my legs after a lush employee told me it was fine to use all over the body not just the face. After attempting to use it (worst shaving experience in my life), I just found that it would become gloopy when wet and clogged up the razor terribly so I couldn’t even shave properly. Would try to wash the razor but everything would just stick because of the goopy and sticky texture, hairs stuck all over! Absolutely would not buy again and would not recommend, usually love lush but this product is so terrible

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