There are spirits in everything


Guardian Of The Forest

Shower Gel

There are spirits in everything
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The forest is alive. Can you hear the trees whispering the secrets of the earth to you? They beckon you onward. Feel the carpet of cool, thick moss beneath your bare feet as citrus sunlight breaks through the trees ahead, gilding the world in dappled gold and green. Follow the footsteps of a mysterious creature and emerge into a clearing, a trickling waterfall in a glade of rosewood and cypress - the heart of the forest. Let the ethereal tranquility surround you as you step beneath the water, earthy oakmoss and cleansing lime washing away any trace of the world beyond. It’s just you and the trees.


About 3 weeks ago

Had to buy this as soon as I saw it as GotF is my favourite bath bomb of all time. On first sniff I wasn't convinced it was the same but once I used this I found it to be very true to the bath bomb's scent! It does smell just like being in a forest in the middle of...

28 Ingredients
Soothing and detoxifying
Refreshing and rejuvenating
Balancing mind and skin
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About 3 weeks ago


This smells exactly like the bath bomb. Like wet grass and pine, like moss on the floor of a forest. It’s just heavenly. It lathers nicely too, it isn’t too thick like some of the gels have been in the past but it’s not watery either and a little goes a long way. There’s no scent more calming in my opinion. A very close substitute for the all time favourite, Grass.

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About 2 weeks ago

The bath bomb is my favorite from the core range, everything about it is beautiful and this shower gel is like a dream come true! It’s so refreshing and green, as soon as you get it into the shower it truly takes you to a lush green forest after a rainstorm. I’m in love with this fragrance and if a perfume got added to this scent family my life would be complete!


1 week ago


About 1 week ago

I’ve smelled this bath bomb in the shop, never bit the bullet on it tho bc I wasn’t sure I’d like the scent as much as I liked the grass scent family (pls bring grass bubble bar back we miss it). But I wanted to give the shower gel a go for the hell of it bc I’m weak.

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