Soothing and deeply relaxing


Shower Gel

Soothing and deeply relaxing
sleepy christmas shower gel

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Sleep, drift to sleep,
Sweet tonka counts the sheep,
Lavender shakes the dreamland tree,
And from it fall sweet dreams for thee.

After a long day, relax into a soothing, softening wash of oat milk and carrageenan extract. If sleep eludes you, the sheep keep escaping or sweet dreams are feeling distant, shower with calming lavender flower infusion and lavender oil to ensure you sleep tight. Ylang ylang oil washes away worries and allows you to sink into bedtime, or start your day, with serenity. 



About 6 months ago

I got this shower gel along with the Sleepy Lotion, and it is amazing. I've never used Lush shower gels before, so I didn't really know what to expect, though I recieved the Happy and Rose Jam shower gels too. This one is DEFINITELY my favourite, though! The creamy texture and the beautiful scent is luxurious, and makes me feel...

18 Ingredients
Lavender oil
Balancing and calming
Benzoin Resinoid
Soothing and protective
Sweetly scented

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 1 year ago

I really wanted to love this, it's quite alright but if I'm gonna compare it to twilight (which I will) its just not as good. The scent is gone 2 seconds after you get out of the shower and it's a lot of dye that makes my sponges discoloured. Twilight also felt a lot more moisturising, it felt like honey when you lathered it up, and this one feels like.... thick paint. Bring back Twilight or remake this so the scent stays on for a while after anyways.

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About 1 month ago

Loved this-bought a 500g bottle. Just adore everything about lavendar and was not disappointed with this!


1 month ago


About 1 month ago

Brought this for my mum as she been looking after me as I've not been well. And loved the smell of sleepy and all of the sleepy products. And I am a big fan of the lush products and would like lush to make some more products.

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