No more melting moments

Square Tin

No more melting moments

A tin to treasure your body butter on your travels. If you keep your body butters in the shower, you'll notice they may look a little less beautiful than when you first bought them. Don't hold it against them: they are made of shea and cocoa butters, after all, which do tend to soften under hot water. Allow to dry, then pop in this tin.



About 11 months ago

I've bought the square tin to put my shampoo bar in it and it is just great! At first i wanted to buy the round one, but an employee in the shop said this one would be better. I've put some baking Paper on the bottom and i let the bar dry before putting it in the tin. Easily to...

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About 1 year ago

I am always keen to buy reusable products and so I was more than happy with my conditioner bar and tin purchase from Lush. However, my tin is slowly eroding away at the bottom and now as a small but growing hole in the base - not ideal. In fact, my conditioner bar has lasted longer. This product is not suitable for storing soap, shampoo, conditioner bars and is not reusable.

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About 8 months ago

I use this tin as a soap dish for my Buffy body butter, which probably isn't the ideal because I don't let it dry before I put it in said tin. However, I do always keep the lid off. The reason I don't use a real soap dish is because I don't want any of the bar to seep through and be wasted.


3 weeks ago


About 3 weeks ago

Bought this with my Seanik solid shampoo, was really chuffed with the size but the quality of this product was not very good. i suggest buying this with a shampoo bar as it does keep it from dissolving and wearing away in the water. just be careful with holding it as it can be bent quite easily. for £3 i think this is a bit overpriced as the quality is not that good as previously said. if you already have a tin like this or better, i suggest not buying one.

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