Subtly seductive

Sikkim Girls

Solid Perfume

Subtly seductive
The Sikkim Girls perfume

A warm and exotic floral with the veiled allure of jasmine. The exotic heat of Darjeeling, India captured in clouds of tuberose and frangipani. The overt sensuality of jasmine is demurely covered in this perfume, creating a subtly seductive fragrance with a hint of come hither.


29 Ingredients
Frangipani Absolute
Floral and sweet
Balancing and restorative
Candelilla Wax
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About 7 months ago

I have bought this 3 times now fantastic I love this much shame the spray is exspensive but the soild perfume is much cheaper and does last a while

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About 3 weeks ago

Beautifully floral and reminiscent of a 70s solid scent my mother wore that was predominantly ylang ylang. It is like flowers on a Summers eve mixed with Indian incense sticks. My favourite Lush perfume, even nicer than the spray.


2 days ago


About 2 days ago

I went to Lush today looking for a new solid perfume - I can't use liquids as the alcohol tends to give me a headache and had a solid perfume from Lush years ago and wanted to see what they had now.

Karma was my previous choice and was nice but nearly too musky, though I do still like it. My normal preference is something musky with a certain sweetness to it and I want it to linger without being overpowering.

This is it!

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