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coalface soap

A gentle soap that can be used on the face and body. Charcoal is known for its absorbency, helping to clear excess oils from the skin, while liquorice root softens and antiseptic rosewood oil helps to combat breakouts. Sandalwood lends it's earthy scent to help you feel calm and collected. Gentle enough for your face (but too nice to let your body miss out), simply lather in the hands before massaging over skin before rinsing away. 


About 10 months ago

The new coalface cleanser is fab. I use it combined with the Ultrbland and Aqua Marina cleanser. Although 3 cleansers sounds like a lot, combined they are amazing and have really cleared up my breakouts and left my complexion looking the best it ever has.

19 Ingredients

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 10 months ago

The old coalface was absolutely amazing. The only thing that ever cleared up my skin and stopped breakouts. Why change a product everybody loved? It worked for almost everyone? What is the point changing it? Please bring back the old formula, this is terrible.

Absolutely gutted

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carmen w

About 3 months ago

I am 2 days in of using this soap and I have to say so far so good.

I have always struggled with adult acne and had a very angry outbreaks a few days back that this soap has calmed down a lot. I combine it with a tea tree oil mattifying cream and the results have been outstanding. Faster than any product used before. I think I would need to be careful of the combination not drying my face too much maybe.

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1 day ago


About 1 day ago

Used coalface for years now as it was one of the only things that calms my sensitive acne-ridden skin. However, since they've changed the formula, it makes my face STING like no other. My eyes water so bad if it gets anywhere close and my acne is now starting to reappear. The product also runs out ten times faster (which means buying it more often). I've come to the sad realisation that I now need to look for a new face cleanser that does the same job as the old coalface :( please bring back the old coalface that worked so so well!

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