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Simply divine
goddess soap spring

Exceptionally difficult to find, dark, enigmatic oudh oil lies at the heart of this meditative bar of soap. Fragrant osmanthus and sultry sandalwood collide, creating a grounding tonic for the mind, while anti-inflammatory white tea infusion washes over the body to soothe and cleanse. With every wash, moisturising lathers made of Fair Trade cocoa butter and coconut oil deliver heavenly hydration, while jasmine absolute lingers, leaving a sensual allure. 



About 10 months ago

Absolutely adore this soap. This is hands down my favourite soap and smell EVER!!!!! Cannot put it down, I keep looking for excuses to wash my hands. Used it in the shower to wash head to toe. Silky smooth and the scent stayed all day. Will be buying this for as long as I breathe !!!!!!!

26 Ingredients
Floral and seductive
Floral and fruity
Warm and woody
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About 9 months ago


I just received a sample of this as I smelled it in store and didn't like it too much, but holy cow this is such a freaking amazing scent! I can't stop smelling my hands and the scent stays on your skin for quite a while! I'm buying a whole one now because I can't stop washing my hands with this!

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About 4 months ago

This soap has been a life changer for me, and I'm really not being dramatic! I used to get the worst dermatitis on my hands and washing with conventional soap and hand washes just made the condition worse! However, then I discovered Goddess and my hands have never been so soft and in such amazing condition!

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2 months ago


About 2 months ago

If your skin is having a flair up then this is the perfect soap to get you back to normal once again.

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