Luxurious berry lathers

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Respect Your Elders


Luxurious berry lathers
respect your elders

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We've said goodbye to this product to make room for some exciting new launches in the near future. If you're looking for something similar, why not try Goddess? Head here for more Soaps


Black-berried elder. A tree of legend, but also a great way to describe this magical blackcurrant-scented soap. Elderflower infusion, elderberries and olibanum oil create a potent spell for warding off evil (niffs that is!) Respect Your Elders will leave your skin silky soft and beautifully scented. Everything you look at can be turned into a story, so we say cancel storytime and let this become a part of your daily ritual.


About 4 months ago

I have used a lot of soaps from Lush, and this is by far, by miles apart, the best one. I don't even like fruity, berry scents - and I keep buying this soap over and over again. It's like a more grown up berry scent, I think it's the olibanum in it which gives it this lovely, floral depth...

22 Ingredients
Buchu Oil
Antimicrobial and fragrant
Soothing and detoxifying
Meditative and resinous

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 2 years ago

This smells amazing! I use it to wash my face, which is usually tight and dry after washing with conventional face washes, but after trying to ditch the plastic I thought I'd give hard soap a try and this has been revolutionary. I very rarely actually need moisturiser after this soap. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft and just beautiful. I'm down to a tiny sliver but I'm unwilling to get rid of this soap until it has gone completely.

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About 2 months ago

I got this online so didn't smell it first and my first impressions were that I didn't love it. HOWEVER, right after using it I can say it's a different story. It's much more subtle when you use it (as opposed sniffing it right out of the box, which I suppose makes sense) and gives a lovely rich, slightly spicy berry smell. The thing I love most is that it leaves your skin smelling amazing. I'm typing this and I keep sniffing my arms (weirdo).


1 week ago


About 1 week ago

YET AGAIN! It seems every time I find a product I like at Lush they stop it, this seems to be particularly the case with the more "adult" scents. Tramp, Flying Fox, Respect Your Elders (to name but a few) - it seems harder and harder to find the more subtle, grown up scents. Clearly Lush are more interested in the teen demographic than those of us over 40, in fact I have never in 10 years seen someone over 40 working in my local shop. I shop at Lush less and less now, while the staff are lovely and helpful, they're trained to be on you the minute you're through the door.

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