Rose scented, soft and soothing

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Ro's Argan

Gourmet Soap

Rose scented, soft and soothing
A block of the Ro's Argan soap

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"I chose this soap as my skin can be temperamental prone to dry patches on face and body. It smells divine and the oils in it make it perfect to use all over without leaving your skin parched. I highly recommend this product, its beautiful in so many ways, try it!" - bugsey1973.db


"The SMELL is to die for, the way it lingers on your skin you'll be smelling like roses all the time it's amazing. It's like nothing I've ever used before (I'm serious) it's hard like a regular soap but spongey too, it's got to be the oils and the way it was built that leaves me wanting to buy it over and over and over" - lydiaprice88_6698424

How to use:

This soothing and antioxidant argan oil soap with a heady Turkish rose absolute and Egyptian geranium oil fragrance builds a gel-like lather. Cleanse and rinse for lasting softness

How to store:

Made from argan oil hand-harvested by Berber women’s village co-operatives in Agadir, Morocco, store in a cool, dry place.



About 1 year ago

Most solid soaps don't do me any favors. With dry, sensitive, eczema-prone and psoriasis-prone skin, it is *very* finicky, particularly when I don't give it enough hydration. Ro's Argan is the best bar solid soap of used to date from ANY brand (...though I love Sultana of Soap & some others for a once-a-week or so treat). So, what do...

17 Ingredients
Soothing and toning
Uplifting and cleansing
Rose geranium
Toning and balancing

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 2 years ago

My 1st gourmet soap, its very soft and the rose scent is strong it filled up my whole bathroom. Doesn't really lather up,it makes a cream its rather like a solid hair conditioner. It lasted longer than I thought it was going to, so considering the price that is a bonus. It doesn't keep that deep pink colour though for long, my bar went from pink, to brown to yellow. I can't say I found it any more drying or moisturising than any of the other soaps. However I do think that the petals are a pain , I picked them off before using the soap.

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About 7 months ago

I used to use Lush’s online- exclusive drop of Hope soap, and I loved it, but reordering online and paying for Saturday delivery became a pain!

This soap lasts longer than the drop of Hope soap and works really well for me. Lots of soaps cause my skin to break out in hives and to become red-raw and extremely sore, but this soap leaves my skin feeling soothed.

My mum, who has eczema-prone and psoriasis-prone skin found this soap extremely irritating, however, so if you have sensitive skin it might be an idea to get a sample to try first.


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1 week ago


About 1 week ago

I actually got this by "accident" - I had ordered Ro's Naked Conditioner but this arrived in its stead but wow... I am happy this was introduced into my life - as Bob Ross would say "happy little accident". The soap has an odd feel, agree with other comments, it is spongy/squishy - I have found breaking off small pieces to rub on skin makes it easier. It does not lather up like a regular soap but the creamy feel and luxurious scent more than make up for that. Throughout a very hot summer day I have been getting wafts of the scent which puts a smile on my face...

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