Neroli, cedarwood and vertivert

Breath of God

Solid Perfume

Neroli, cedarwood and vertivert
The Breath Of God perfume

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A grounding, smoky perfume.

Inhale. Uplifting neroli and ylang ylang fill the air. Exhale. Smoky cedarwood and evocative cade linger.

You’ll like this if you like:
- The scent of burning incense.
- Breath of God washcard.
- To feel balanced.

How to use:
Smooth this scent onto pulse points, breathe in, breathe out and relax into a mindful moment.


About 2 years ago

I got a solid sample and LOVED it so much I immediately placed an order and bought it! Scents of Airy, Woody, Amber, & Smoky! Like the best kind of incense to wear! My husband loves the scent on me but this would be appropriate for men as well. I tend to like scents that contain Amber and are earthy...

31 Ingredients
Toning and balancing
Uplifting and refreshing
Antimicrobial and antiseptic
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About 2 years ago

I remember when solid perfume came in push-stick version which was around 12g for £8 as far as I remember. Then came the tin, same weight and similar price. But this?! I bought a pot only because the scent is of a strong sentimental value for me but SERIOUSLY?! £9 for half of the product?!
Someone must be making a lot of money and someone is due to give some explanations.

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About 1 year ago

This is one of my favourite perfumes, I've been wearing it for a couple of years now and it's something I've gotten multiple compliments on. I'd describe it as smelling of wind and incense.

I find the tin is not only nicely portable for trips (don't have to worry about it leaking or breaking in transit), but also convenient for controlling the application/dabbing it behind the ears and on pulse points as spritzer bottles can easily go overboard for that.


5 months ago


About 5 months ago

I love it! I think that solid version is softer and fruitier than the liquid one, so smell-wise I prefer the solid version. I can see why some people find it nausetic and think of car trips :D but for me this smell is kinda relaxing so I put it on my temples before going to bed sometimes. Really, the only reason why it's only 4/5 is because it just doesn't linger, I can't make the smell stay for more than 40 minutes no matter how much I put on

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