Neroli, cedarwood and vertivert

Breath of God

Solid Perfume

Neroli, cedarwood and vertivert
The Breath Of God perfume

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A grounding, smoky perfume.

Inhale. Uplifting neroli and ylang ylang fill the air. Exhale. Smoky cedarwood and evocative cade linger.

You’ll like this if you like:
- The scent of burning incense.
- Breath of God washcard.
- To feel balanced.

How to use:
Smooth this scent onto pulse points, breathe in, breathe out and relax into a mindful moment.


About 3 years ago

I got a solid sample and LOVED it so much I immediately placed an order and bought it! Scents of Airy, Woody, Amber, & Smoky! Like the best kind of incense to wear! My husband loves the scent on me but this would be appropriate for men as well. I tend to like scents that contain Amber and are earthy...

31 Ingredients
Toning and balancing
White grapefruit
Uplifting and cheerful
Cade Oil
Cleansing and soothing
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About 3 years ago

I remember when solid perfume came in push-stick version which was around 12g for £8 as far as I remember. Then came the tin, same weight and similar price. But this?! I bought a pot only because the scent is of a strong sentimental value for me but SERIOUSLY?! £9 for half of the product?!
Someone must be making a lot of money and someone is due to give some explanations.

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5/5 stars


About 5 months ago

This was given to me earlier TODAY on a random guesstimate by a store assistant and not only was it the utmost beautiful, earthy, cloud misted, vergreen, 'baby smell' purity adjacent thing I've ever encountered, but really embodies the Garden of Eden if it were an aroma. I don't even want to wear it. I just want to steal habitual, fiend-like sniffs whenever I can. Nothing like it. For those who initially disliked it, Lush CAN!('t) please everyone but it settled beautifully after 15-20 mins and mixes with other subdued, light scents perfectly. In love.


1 day ago

deborah mancino

About 1 day ago

But in the nicest possible way. It’s not overpowering and it’s definitely different. How something can smell both clean and dirty at the same time is a bit of a mystery but this scent does that. Good, unisex scent and oddly comforting.

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