Jasmine, rose and ylang ylang


Solid Perfume

Jasmine, rose and ylang ylang
Lust perfume

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A striking jasmine perfume to cast your inhibitions aside.

Give in to temptation with this sensual jasmine perfume. Fall in lust with a beautiful blend of sweet rose absolute, ylang ylang oil and rich sandalwood. Partner with the Lust washcard to awaken those primal yearnings.

You’ll love this if you like:
- Long-lasting florals.
- Lust perfume and washcard.
- The power of attraction.

How to use:
Warm this solid perfume with the tip of your index finger and softly massage onto pulse points to arouse this seductive scent.                                    


About 2 years ago

Love it. Sensual, warm, calming.

22 Ingredients
Soothing and toning
Ylang Ylang
Sweet, heady and floral

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 1 year ago

This was my favourite perfume and I've been using it for a year or two, in solid form. Long lasting and gorgeous scent, I absolutely loved it.
I've just been to buy a replacement and couldn't be more disappointed. It's changed from deep pink to orange, has only a faint aroma and the bit I tried on my arm disappeared within minutes. The staff said that it's because it's handmade, so will vary (utter rubbish), that they'd all had a packaging makeover and that maybe there had been a tweek or two to the recipe. Sufficient tweeks to make it unrecognisable, I'm afraid.

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5/5 stars


About 1 year ago

I collected quite a few usual bottles of perfumes from various names and brands throughout my teenage years, and while I enjoyed them, I found the chemical smell within them to become overpowering before long, so much so that I stopped using them quickly so they've just been on my shelf collecting dust. So I popped into lush and had a look at their perfumes. I couldn't justify buying the bottled ones as of yet due to price and size ratio, but I thought I'd try the solids as they're small and compact, great for travelling, and also not quite a pricey for a first buy. I'm so glad I bought Lust.

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7 months ago


About 7 months ago

I'd read the reviews suggesting that the new formula of the solid perfume was weaker and not as nice but I was hoping they were exaggerated. Unfortunately that's not the case, I tried a sample in the shop and even after just putting it on I could hardly smell it, never mind that the pot is tiny. I've been using this perfume for years and luckily for me I'd bought or been given several of the old style so have ben kept going those. I will now be using the little I have left very frugally in order to hoard what's left and I am now stuck with finding a replacement.

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