Wind down with yoga stretches and pressure-point massage

Hard Days Night Spa Treatment

Wind down with yoga stretches and pressure-point massage

Feel deeply rested and revived with this unique 75-minute spa treatment which combines all the benefits of yoga and a full-body massage with the contented feeling of a good night’s sleep.

Accompanied by a dreamy folk soundtrack of reworked Beatles’ classics, your spa therapist will use passive stretching, and techniques inspired by Shiatsu and Thai deep-tissue massage to release tension from the body and finish with a step-down meditation to wind down your mind. Also ideal for those who may prefer to stay covered up or want the benefits of massage without oils on the skin, prepare to don a pair of cosy pyjamas and rid yourself of the niggles and tension affecting your rest.

Benefits to you:

  • Feel rested and recharged as if awaking from a good night’s sleep.
  • Deep-tissue and pressure-point massage aids the release of tension from the body.
  • Exercise without the exertion - feel stretched and revived.

The Hard Days Night Treatment is available as a double treatment to share with a loved one.

Find out how to book your treatment (and which are suitable for under 18s and during pregnancy) here.



About 3 years ago

This was my forth spa treatment and I am amazed by how each one differs. Hard Days Night was anything but hard, a bit like going to the gym and having someone do all the work while you are laying down wearing jim jams and listening to your favourite music. I would sign up for life membership at that gym...

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Lisa Bennett

About 4 years ago

The Hard Days Night Treatment was part of my birthday weekend in Liverpool with my husband. It was our first ever spa treatment and although we chose it for its Beatles theme, as "first-timers" we felt more comfortable being massaged without having to completely disrobe. We received a warm welcome along with soft pyjamas and a beautiful environment to receive the treatment. Both of the therapists were very friendly and very skilled with massage; preparing us for a most relaxing and wonderful experience that carried us away!

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5/5 stars


About 1 year ago


I bought my husband and I vouchers for this treatment to do in Edinburgh for his birthday. We were able to get the couples room, so we could have the treatment done at the same time. I am a long time Lush fan and have been to the spa before. It was my husband's first time there. He was a bit skeptical since I raved about it so much. We went down into the spa and the first thing he noticed was how quiet and calm it was (especially since the store was quite busy). We talked through our treatment with Kris and Danielle and led to our room. There was only one snag.

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4 months ago


About 4 months ago

This is the second treatment me and my partner have had, the first one being 'the good hour' which is fantastic.
This however was really really not worth the money, wasn't like a massage at all and I'd rather never pay someone so much money to dangle my arms and legs off of a bed again.
Not relaxing in the slightest because we were trying not to laugh whilst someone's dangled us off the bed. We felt like the whole thing was thrown together - Honestly really let down by this treatment which should have been a nice anniversary celebration.

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