A reflexology-inspired head and foot massage to banish worries

The Spell Spa Treatment

A reflexology-inspired head and foot massage to banish worries

Unburden yourself with a reflexology-inspired spa treatment that uses the ancient art of treating the body through the feet to spirit away your worries and relieve tension.

Take the load off your feet and treat them to 60 minutes of pampering, including a reviving soak, scrub, mask and massage, all to a soothing composition of yellowhammer bird song, bluesy folk songs and lilting natural soundscapes. With a powerfully de-stressing scalp massage, this is the choice of treatment for those who want to leave worries in the past, achieve a state of deep relaxation and move forwards with joy, courage and understanding.

Benefits to you:

  • Treating the feet helps to alleviate areas of tension throughout the body.
  • Incorporates holistic techniques to treat your mood, enabling you to move forward with purpose and leave worries behind.
  • Deeply relaxing, but also grounding, clearing and liberating to leave you feeling light on your feet.

The Spell is available as a double treatment to share with a loved one.

Find out how to book your treatment (and which are suitable for under 18s and during pregnancy) here.




About 9 months ago

I was given The Spell as a gift and the whole treatment from start to finish was amazing. I went to Lush Spa in Bath and lovely Lyndsey gave me such a fantastic treatment, I felt like I was walking on air afterwards, and the most cheerful that I have felt for ages. Lush pay such attention to detail to...

Lush Spas
We have 8 spa locations across Britain.

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About 4 years ago

I had this and Synaesthesia in January and I was BLOWN AWAY! I firstly had Synaesthesia, followed by The Spell. I loved the part before the actual treatment (I won't give anything away), and the whole experience was very relaxing, and filled with beautiful products. I loved the mint, lemongrass and lemon tea at the end- so much I found out how to make it after! I had my treatment at Kings Rd, but I can't remember the beautiful young lady's name! Incredible, I'll have to restrain buying myself another soon!!

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About 9 months ago

Since we don't have the spa treatment in Australia, I thought I'd try it. I am so glad I tried it, honestly it was so amazing, from the start to finish. The spell is so relaxing, I honestly fell asleep during it. Luna from Oxford st took such amazing care of me, and gave me the best massage I have ever had. If only I didn't have to leave so soon, I would do this again and again. I want Australia to have the lush spa treatment. Please bring it to Australia, especially Melbourne.


1 month ago


About 1 month ago


I had this lovely treatment at Oxford Street LUSH this week and I cannot say enough good things about it. I was a little apprehensive initially as I wasn't sure what to expect but Sam put me at ease straightaway and I would recommend The Spell to anyone. The whole experience is something I would like to do again . It seemed to last for ages and both the head and foot massages were the best I have had anywhere. The setting , the products and the treatment were all perfect! Special thanks to Sam.

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