Spa Treatments

Spellbinding, sensory spa treatments to transform mind and body

Indulge the mind and body with our luxuriously pampering spa treatments, created to transform, rejuvenate and revive.
Validation Facial Spa Treatment
Bespoke luxurious and relaxing facial massage
60 Minute Voucher
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The Planets Spa Treatment
Heavenly half-day massage and facial
180 Minute Voucher
The Sound Bath
Retune mind and body with ear candles and facial massage
60 Minute Voucher
The Comforter Spa Treatment
An indulgent, chocolate body scrub massage
60 Minute Voucher
A man on his front having his back massaged
Tension troubleshooting deep-tissue massage
30 Minute Voucher
The Spell Spa Treatment
Reflexology-inspired scalp and foot massage
60 Minute Voucher
A Hard Day's Night Spa Treatment
Wind down with yoga stretches and pressure-point massage
75 Minute Voucher
Synaesthesia Spa Treatment
Our signature, metamorphic full-body massage
80 Minute Voucher
a man laying on his back having his chest massaged
Anchors aweigh with this deep-tissue full-body massage
70 Minute Voucher
A woman lies on her side having her arms massaged
Side-lying hot oil massage and blissful bath
75 Minute Voucher
Karma Spa Treatment
Recharge your mind and body
65 Minute Voucher
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The Energiser Spa Treatment
Reviving full-body pick-me-up
Selected Locations
Fresh Facial Spa Treatment
Freshen up fast with a rejuvenating facial
30 Minute Voucher