Unknot tension

Tailor Made

Unknot tension

30 minutes of localised, deep-tissue massage to help ease knots and revive mind and body.

Set out to sea to dispel any quells or storms brewing deep under the skin. Firm pressure untangles aches and pains like knots in a rope, reeling in a symphony of soaring crescendos and satisfying massage.

No more treading water, you’re free to float in a nautical daydream, unanchored, uninhibited and deeply revived, while layers of hot and cold wash away tension to a backdrop of sea shanties and glorious morning mists. Feel taller, fresher and ready to take on the world.

What to expect:

A rigorous, deep-tissue massage treatment focused on long-term areas of tension.                                                              

Uses medium to hard pressure, trigger point techniques and jelly discs.

What you'll love:

Deep-tissue massage focuses on areas of tension identified by you.

Delivers relief from knots and reawakens the muscles.

Enables you to feel free in body and mind

What you want to know:

Duration: 30 minutes long with approximately a 15-minute consultation.

State of undress: down to your underwear, beneath a cosy towel. Level of undress may vary according to area being treated. 


The music for this treatment fuses folk with heave-ho sea shanties. There is more than a metaphorical connection between hauling rope and kneading tense muscles in the body; the soundtrack to the intensive Tailor Made treatment is a collection of seamen’s songs recorded in the 50s and 60s.

Why rush? Arrive for your treatment 10 minutes early to feel relaxed from the start.

Buy a voucher online then phone up your local Lush Spa to book your treatment or purchase a voucher in one of our stores. Please note: spa voucher cards purchased in the UK are only redeemable in the UK.

Want to share the experience? Find out which treatments are available as doubles here.

All Lush Spa treatments are suitable for or can be tailored to vegan clients.

Spa policies giving information on which treatments are suitable for under 18s and during pregnancy and arriving for your treatment on the day can be found here. Please take a look before booking.

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About 2 years ago

My daughter and I both had this treatment yesterday at the Kingston Spa. From the moment we arrived at the store until the moment we left we were made to feel very welcome and pampered. The staff at Kingston are all lovely and very helpful. Our therapists Leone and Katie were both brilliant. This treatment is amazing! I have had several massages before at other places, and this was my first time at a Lush Spa. I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed a treatment more. My daughter and I both left feeling uplifted and relaxed. Well done to all at Lush.

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5/5 stars


About 5 months ago

I was lucky enough to have had Mona from the Lush Kensington Spa. The whole staff at the store were super friendly and made me feel really relaxed and comfortable. Mona was great and talked me through the treatment. The treatment itself was superb and I felt very relaxed and comfortable from start to finish. I had a 5 star experience from this store and I would definitely recommend a Tailor Made treatment to anyone looking to treat themselves.


4 months ago


About 4 months ago

My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to go for a double Tailor Made treatment at Lush Edinburgh whilst we were there for a long weekend away. We both thought it was an amazing and magical treatment where you could feel the benefits of a deep tissue massage immediately! Our therapists, Danielle and Kamil, were so lovely throughout and utterly fantastic at what they do. The prep before and the aftercare were brilliant and didn’t feel rushed. The country cottage feel of the whole spa is so cosy and comforting and I was met with the question when we left of “right when are we going again?”!

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