Bathe, rest and be restored

Tales Of Bath

Bathe, rest and be restored

A 75-minute journey into a realm of fairy tale and free-flowing massage, with time to bathe peacefully in blissful surroundings.

Be like the water. Still. Shapeless. Formless. Seek out the space beneath your feet, boiling high with mineral heat. A kingdom of crystalline liquid and underground fairytale, where the beating heart of Aqua Sulis echoes through watery caverns, buried under the earth.

Your King’s bath is drawn and waiting, dappled by pearly light. Bathe in the light of a subterranean milky way and bubbling Epsom salts - oh, water! Your skin drinks eagerly, yet, in its abundance, this precious liquid survives your thirst.

Ripples of hot oils roll over your back, liquid sunlight and torrents of free-flowing music to soak you in a symphony of massage and lullabies. Arise with a crown set high on your head, contented in all you behold.

What to expect:

A gentle, seated shoulder massage to leave you feeling grounded and relaxed.

Time to bathe in solitude in a skin-soothing mineral bath and take time for yourself.

A rejuvenating, side-lying, full-body massage to de-stress mind and body. This comfortable massage position also means that this treatment is suitable for clients who are pregnant or have difficulty lying face-down during massage.

What you'll love:

Time to bathe, rest and feel restored, ready to appreciate life just as it is.

Sleep-inducing massage that deeply relaxes mind and body.

The use of hot oils to hydrate and benefit the skin.


“The aim was to give people an environment where they might relax,” explains musician Richard Evans. “When I go for a massage, I want an experience where I can lose myself, and am made to feel special. And I want to feel better walking out than I did on the way in. I don't necessarily want a life-changing experience. Just an hours’ refuge.”

The Bath-based musician was tasked with developing a soundscape that would breathe life into the ancient lore and pagan rituals surrounding the city’s healing waters and form the basis of a spa treatment. The tale of Prince Bladud, who founded the city after he was healed from disease by the Celtic goddess Sulis, is narrated using spoken word, poetry and musical cues through the soundtrack.

What you need to know:

Level of nakedness: Down to a robe and your underwear in parts, then fully unclothed for a private bath.  

Duration: 75 minutes with approximately a 20-minute consultation.

Why rush? Arrive for your treatment 10 minutes early to feel relaxed from the start.

Buy a voucher online then phone up your local Lush Spa to book your treatment, or purchase a voucher in one of our stores. Please note: spa voucher cards purchased in the UK are only redeemable in the UK.

Want to share the experience? Find out which spa treatments are available as doubles here.

All Lush Spa treatments are suitable for or can be tailored to vegan clients.

Spa policies giving information on which treatments are suitable for under 18s and during pregnancy and arriving for your treatment on the day can be found here. Please take a look before booking.

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About 2 years ago

A beautiful story unfolds, as you are wrapped in a gown and seated like royalty. A gentle seated massage prepares you for what is to come! You sink into a beautiful bath of Ho wood and Epsom salts and relax as the water laps round you. When you finally arise you are covered with lavender and neroli and the massage transports you to a place where you imagine swimming through the caves of Aqua Sulis! All this set to a haunting but beautiful soundtrack! Just stunning!

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5/5 stars


About 1 year ago

Had the "Tales of Bath" today at the oxford street store, a xmas pressie from my daughter. I was met by Hannah with the soft low voice, the whole experience was magical with the lovely music and stories, the lighting was very gentle and low, I actually thought I would be a bit uncomfortable bathing in a shop but I really felt that I had been magicked away to a different time and place.

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1 year ago


About 1 year ago

From start to finish it was a wonderful experience, the consultation room alone with its smells and décor inspire relaxation and peace. I was running late and everyone was so good about it and friendly. I didn't know what to expect from the first British themed spa but I can say after being in one how fantastic and utterly beautiful it is, I am not happy if something isn't aesthetically pleasing to the eye but I swoon just to thinking how awesome the bathroom was! Which is full of Lush products [happy days]. Hannah did my treatment and she was absolutely wonderful!

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