They're real!

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Unicorn Horn

Bubble Bar

They're real!
unicorn horn bubble bar

Unicorns are probably real. But, even if they're not (don't worry they definitely are) you won't mind! Relaxing lavender oil meets mood-brightening neroli in this lustre-filled bar. Neroli oil increases serotonin levels in the brain which makes us feel contented and cheery, so you can ponder the existence of magical creatures while building a fairy tale landscape of feel-good, fragrant bubbles. Crumble the whole thing in for an enchantingly calming bath.



About 1 month ago

Absolutely love this!!! Only used a little bit and the amount of bubbles was insane! Gorgeous colour and scent. Feels so silky. Love that you can get more than one use. My little girl can’t wait for her bath tonight!!

21 Ingredients
Uplifting and toning
Ylang Ylang
Sweet and heady

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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Alysha Conrad

About 2 years ago

Seriously love everything about this bubble bar. The smell is gorgeous and the water most always turns a very pretty shade of pink, though it depends on what color is most prominent in your bar. I like to spoil myself and use the whole thing for the best smell and all around bath experience.

Side note: THIS MAKES THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BATH COCKTAIL! I pair it with a twilight bath bomb and call it Unicorn at Twilight. It's most definitely one that'll help you sleep like you're drifting away in the clouds.

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About 3 days ago

This is my absolute favorite bubble bar. I have 4 of them right now, and honestly want like 10 more so I can take amazing baths for months. Seriously, half the bar (I chop it up and put the bits in a recycled Sympathy for the Skin container and sprinkle in half) creates a MOUNTAIN of bubbles. I absolutely adore the smell, and how moisturizing it is. If this scent was a perfume I would be in heaven, PS, when I say mountain, I mean like, half a meter of bubbles. It's crazy. It's the perfect bubble bar, this is my third year purchasing it:)


2 days ago

Emilia Smith

About 2 days ago

Really liked it but not as good as the others I’ve used as the colours don’t last as long

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