Oudh, jasmine and osmanthus



Oudh, jasmine and osmanthus
goddess perfume in glass bottle

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An evocative, enigmatic oudh perfume, comprised of oudh from responsibly managed nurseries in Thailand. Smoky Caledonian sandalwood adds dark warmth to rich, resinous notes, while sensual jasmine beguiles. Damascus rose, harvested in Turkish fields at dawn, brings just a hint of floral delicacy.

You’ll love this if you like:
- The sensual combination of jasmine and oudh.
- Goddess bath bomb or washcard.
- Opulent and beguiling perfumes. 


About 1 year ago

The bath bomb came out sometime ago and I’m not one for baths but did try this one and enjoyed it, so when the perfume and oil came out I was keen to try. The perfume is not my normal choice i tend to go for cleaner sent’s like Dirty or Karma so was surprised I fell in love with...

17 Ingredients
Floral and seductive
Floral and fruity
Warm and woody

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 1 year ago


Ok so the first time I sprayed Goddess perfume onto me and smelt it, quite frankly I was very disappointed. It smelt very like Olbas oil, and nothing like the perfume, but when I smelt it on someone else, I thought “wow, how goddessy, I stan it”, so I tried again but I sprayed it on the back of my jumper sleeve, again it smelt like Olbas oil. A few minutes later I checked back to see if it was the same scent and ALAS! It had changed to my beloved Goddess scent. The trick with this perfume is to wait it out a bit, and then the strong, heady scent will come out, leave those oils to settle!

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About 1 year ago

When I first tried this I had no idea what it has in it except for Jasmine, so I expected to recognise Jasmine in this but surprisingly I didn't. But I did get a whiff of a strong, yet familiar scent that I couldn't quite place; It's not unpleasant, it's definitely therapeutic, bit of like an oil one puts on when feeling unwell, yet after a while it morphed into a beautiful soft light clean scent that's elegant, mysterious and sophisticated. Later on when I looked the ingredients up I realised - it's osmanthus!

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4 months ago

Lush girl1

About 4 months ago

I bought this coz I love the bath bomb. This is such a gorgeous grown up sexy scent. I love it. It smells expensive and I love telling people what it's called when they ask. Would definitely buy again.

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