Patchouli, Brazilian orange and Siberian fir

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Patchouli, Brazilian orange and Siberian fir
karma 100ml perfume in glass bottle

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"I love the orange and patchouli notes. One spritz on my wrist and one on my neck and I spend the whole day smelling myself every time I catch a waft. I've been totally converted to these essential oil based perfumes, and I hope that I will try another scent in future, but straying from Karma will be hard... It's just great." - RachelEmmaHeys

"I've loved the Karma family at lush for many years, but it was only recently that I realised what it reminds me of...... cola cubes! Yes it has layers of spice and patchouli, but the punch comes from the orange and then a distinctive cola-like smell. I guess this is why I've always thought of it as a fizzy scent! It certainly won't be up everyone's street, but it's very distinctive and unusual in terms of perfumes. You won't smell like anyone else wearing this (unless you walk past someone who is also wearing Karma!).” - cassiemand_6897492

“I have a lot of perfumes, I am a bit of an addict, and Karma by Lush is one of my absolute favourites. It smells divine. It's a strong orange and patchouli smell, but fresh and youthful. It defiantly conjures up images of 1960s Bohemia. This perfume is long lasting and the scent immediately uplifts your spirits as soon as you smell it.”- Lisa_____

How To Use: 
Spritz yourself all over and take a trip through 1960s London as clouds of intoxicating patchouli mingle with uplifting sweet orange and refreshing fir oils.

All perfumes come in a complementary recyclable gift box.


About 1 year ago

I tested this one day when out with my little girls, we were living in the middle of a building site at the time, very stressful, and we needed some time out. I couldn’t stop smelling it all day, it was such an uplifting fragrance and cheered me up no end, so I went back and bought a bottle before...

24 Ingredients
Fresh Orange Juice
Toning sweetness
Fresh and herbaceous
Zesty and bright

*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.

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About 4 years ago

I put this on as a tester (as my one hasn't arrived yet) and it's so strong one spray lasted me the rest of the day (and then some)! It's one of my favourite scents so I knew that I'd be safe ordering this as it's just so gorgeous but I was NOT prepared to be smelling myself like a weirdo all day. I kept getting a whiff of it and it just smelled so good! I must have told my husband about how good I smelled approx. 50 times yesterday. Ugh it's so nice and now I am impatiently waiting for my one to arrive so I can smell distractingly good every day!

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About 3 months ago

To be honest there isn’t a smell quite like it. I’m on my umpteenth bottle as I can’t pull my self away. When ever I wear it,which is every day I always get comments about how good it and myself smell. I would say that the last couple of bottles that I purchased haven’t been the same. I had to take one back as it didn’t have the same smell. I feel that maybe there is something missing from it, which is disappointing. It doesn’t seem to have the same strength of maybe patchouli? I can’t pin point it! Im still going to give it 5* as it’s been my all time favourite.

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1 month ago

[email protected]_2

About 1 month ago

I fell in love with Karma around four years ago after visiting the Bristol shop and chatting to a lovely lady who also recommended Sikkim Girls.

Anyway I FELL IN LOVE with Karma after spritzing it on my wrist, I kept sniffing it all afternoon and my jacket still smelt like it the day after, I only left with a solid perfume however.

After that I heard the packaging was changing and was gutted because I loved the colourful Karma look, so I purchased a bottle second-hand on Ebay. It arrived and was honestly nothing like what I remembered! So I wore it everyday and eventually used it up.

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