Reusable wrapping

Vintage knot-wrap

Knot Wrap

Reusable wrapping

Our collection of vintage scarves are a re-usable alternative to wrapping paper. We call it knot-wrap; the Japanese call it furoshiki; let's call the whole thing a brilliant way to wrap gifts and accessorise. Use this to package a present, and then the lucky recipient can use it again for their own gifts, or wear it. Once you've added a vintage scarf to your basket, we pick one of our lovely scarves at random to send you.


About 4 years ago

I liked the range to choose from, and I ADORE that mine came smelling of a Lush store - which IMO is the best smell around, I've been wearing it in my hair now for a while. Nothing special about them though, good quality and nice designs. i disagree with the review that said "pricey for what they are" as...

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About 5 years ago

im obsessed with scarves so when i got this with a load of bath bombs i was so happy now when ever i get anything from lush it gets wrapped in a scarf

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About 1 year ago

love adding these wraps to every order I place. It is always an extra exciting item that I look forward to getting with each order. Each wrap is a second-hand wrap and a bit of a surprise. Often, I find that the packers match up the items of my order with the wrap.
In my Ro's Argan soap order, I got a burgandy, beige, and tan wrap. It perfectly reflected the colors of the soap.
In my Calacas order, I got a green wrap with little black hearts.

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11 months ago


About 11 months ago

I like the one I got! Black borders and red in the middle, but it has this twist with gold and white.

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