Naked breakfast club

Happy Hippy

Naked Shower Gel

Naked breakfast club
Yellow tinted bottle shaped naked shower gel on a white background with a wax black tip

What's better than a happy hippy? A naked happy hippy! A citrusy squeeze of grapefruit and bergamot will put a zing into your day and a spring in your step. And who needs excess plastic when you're trying to love the planet? This is your morning wake-up shower, just as naked as the day you were born.


29 Ingredients
Hydrating and cleansing
Uplifting and sunny
Meditative and resinous
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About 4 months ago


Bought one of these from the Manchester store before they changed the formula and it war near perfect! But now they've changed the formula to this absolute mess, honestly it makes no sense how they even let this ship, its awful, you can barely hold it without getting your hands covered in the product. Even the boxes that they come to stores in are saturated in product, to the point where we can't even send the cardboard back to the factory to recycle because of how bad it seeps into the box, it needs to be changed back, or a new version needs to be made, because no one likes these.

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About 3 months ago

I got my naked happy hippy the other day and have used it today. It got delivered on a piece of cardboard that it was basically glued to because of the consistency of the product.
I tried to pick it up off the cardboard and with very gentle pressure my fingers basically sunk into it, I had a thought of, how on earth is this going to survive a shower.

I have ended up slicing it into chunks and using a chunk at a time in the shower which works well but it's still very soft.

It smells great, lathers amazingly well but I feel like it's not supposed to be so soft and melty.


1 month ago


About 1 month ago

Leaks bright lemon everywhere, even before first use, very soft so you end up using loads for one shower.

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