It really is a dream


Naked Shower Gel

It really is a dream
Purple bottle shaped naked shower gel on a white background with a wax black tip

 When it comes to sleeping, some people prefer to do it naked. Whether you do it in your favourite PJ's or prefer your birthday suit, you'll be sleeping soundly after lavishly lathering lavender suds all over your skin. Oat and lavender flower extract sing a soothing serenade to help swirling thoughts to settle while ylang ylang oil instills serenity. Drift off to the land of nod, on clouds of comforting tonka absolute. All is calm, all is left feeling softened with moisturising Fair Trade organic cocoa butter. So do away with the packaging and shake the dreamland tree.


About 8 months ago

I’ve been looking forward to trying out solid shower gels for a while now and treated myself to two on a recent visit to Manchester’s Naked Lush store (such a fantastic idea!). The product itself is softer than I expected and it did get a little bit squished on the way home. Due to this I decided to slice a...

33 Ingredients
ladender oil
Balancing and calming
Benzoin Resinoid
Soothing and protective
Sweetly scented
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About 1 year ago

Last year I was quiet apprehensive about naked shower gels but did buy one and thought the concept was great and went on to buy four. They lasted really well and their texture was firm, I have an old plastic lush tub that I used to take as piece to the gym and even on holiday which is great when you have limited liquids on a cheap flight.

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About 1 year ago

I love the smell of twilight/sleepy products and this one does not fail to deliver! The smell is so intense it lingers in my bathroom for hours after I have showered. It lathers just as well as the liquid form, only I think this will actually last a lot longer than the traditional bottles. I am a big fan of the naked products as I travel a lot and these are perfect as they are lighter and last longer, without the risk of leaks. The lack of plastic is another bonus, highly recommend.


1 week ago


About 1 week ago

Creamy and fragrant, but have to confess i did think i was buying an actual bottle- as in my favourite Plum Rain- but thought i'd have a change of gel. Oh dear, it is so sticky and never really dries properly. Can't store it in my wire tray in the shower- starts to ooze through the bars. The top came off early on, so now nothing at all to grip it with- and- today the dreaded event happened, it squidged right out of my hands and fell on my toes! Ouch, painful. Picked it up but and now it is just a misshapen mess and might be better cut into pieces to finish off.

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